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Re: ldap_perror give "Success" message!!

This really make sense now :) Thank you

I noticed that my query should return some results, but I didn't have enough permissions to get it, shouldn't this be an error!!

- rayed

Oliver Egginger wrote:


I suppose that you specified a query which gives you
zero entries back, so ldap_first_entry failes.
Normaly it should write an error numb into "ld_errno" of
the ld structur, but maybe it do nothing.
(To indicate that the ldap-search itselfs was successfull.)
Have a look at the RFC about the ldap-c-api to learn the


Nachricht vom Mittwoch 31 Oktober 2001 12:51:

This means that the ldap-query wasn't the thing
thats was going wrong.

- oliver

Nachricht vom Mittwoch 31 Oktober 2001 11:39:

Hello everyone,

I wrote a small program to access openLDAP server, but when I try to run
it it gives an error, and when I used "ldap_perror" to show the error
message it gave me "Success", is this a bug or I am doing something
wrong, I tried to search the archive but couldn't find anything realted.
This is the part that gave me the error:

 e=ldap_first_entry(ld, result);

 if (e == NULL) {
    return -1;


- rayed