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RE: SSL Connection problems


Yes, it is! I use self signed certificates which I completely generated
myself, so I'm aware of this issue, and yes I always use just "grumbler"
instead of the FQDN.

I also do remote connections over SSL from PerLDAP using Netscape's
directory SDK 4.x ... This is actually the first time I try connecting over
SSL using OpenLDAP/OpenSSL.(from a separate box, ldapsearch works fine on
the same box that the server runs on, but not from this other box).

See my previous e-mails on this thread for more details as to what I've
tried so far ...

I remain baffled ... FYI this actually started when I was testing the use of
ldap_start_tls_s from my SWIG generated python interface to the OpenLDAP
library ... I was getting the behaviour I've mentioned.  Thinking maybe it
was my code, I tried ldapsearch and lo and behold, exact same thing!

This is a rather big problem for me, as connecting over a non-encrypted link
isn't acceptable ... I suppose if worse comes to absolutely worse I can try
wrapping the Netscape SDK with SWIG ... But I'd MUCH rather use OpenLDAP!


Jean-Francois Doyon
Carbon IT
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At 06:37 AM 2001-10-29, Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote:
><certificate and other things appeared here>

is "grumbler" the EXACT host name you are specifying on the
command line?  If not, then that your problem.