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openldap 2.0.18 + chinese characters (Big5 or GB)

Hello all,

Is it possible to add entry with Chinese Characters (Big5 or GB) using ldapadd ? I'm currently using openldap 2.0.18. and trying to add a new entry using the a LDIF file with the following entry 

dn: cn=hung,dc=home,dc=com
cn;lang-big5: 明

The character followed by the language tag "lang-big5" is a Big5 Chinese Character. 

Then I run the command,
#ldapadd -x -v -D "cn=Manager,dc=home,dc=com" -W -f ./hung.ldif

and I saw the following error:

ldap_add: Invalid syntax
        additional info: cn;lang-big5: value #0 invalid per syntax

However I can add the entry successfully if there is no Chinese Character.

So, how can I put Chinese Characters in ldap directory ? Is there any solution or workaround ?

Thanks in advance

KH Lau