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Re: Unix authentication trickery.

At 05:23 AM 2001-10-29, Cameron wrote:
>I'm pretty new to LDAP, but I just want to know this before I dive right in
>and discover that I can't do it. Currently, I've got multiple usernames on
>any given server that I administer using the same UID. I know, I know, this
>is a dirty thing to do, but for our purposes, it's meant that multiple
>separate login names work fine, and they all have user level access
>permissions to a group of files. Now, if I implement LDAP based unix
>authentication, can I still specify duplicate UID's, and have it all work
>neatly? If I can't im going to have to do some serious rethinking. I really
>want to avoid groups, as there's a LOT of them, and mostly there's only 2 or
>3 of the same UID.

You should direct this question to a forum supporting whatever
LDAP based unix authentication system you are using.  If using
NSS LDAP, use nssldap@padl.com.