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RE: Connection Stability Troubles with LDAP

1. Yes, I ran two sessions on the same box and two sessions on two other
boxes.  All ran for approx. 12 hours with no problems.

2. There is an event log in windows, but unfortunately nothing is reported
by LDAP to either the system or application logs.  The debug messages
identified what was happening at the time, but we were unable to reproduce
trying the same sequence.

3. Do you mean apitest, etest, ltest, dtest, etc.  I haven't run them as I
didn't even know they existed.  I don't know what they test exactly, but
will look into it.

4. Haven't resorted to that yet.


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1. I suppose you do (some of) your tests direct on the local machine.
(So we could exclude a network problem.)

2. When the problem appears:
There are unusually messages in the slapd (debug) output ?
What says the system event log ? (I know there exist something like this
under Windows). 

3. What happens if you run the tests, which comes with the OpenLDAP packet.

4.  Do the problem (still) exist if you change the backend ?

- oliver

> We are running OpenLDAP 2.0.7 on Windows 2000 with a Berkley DB (ldbm)
> backend.
> The problem we are having is that connections fail for an unknown reason.
> The service is still running, but connections to the LDAP service are
> rejected with "ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server".  It is not a
> configuration problem because we performed successful ldapsearch commands
> just prior to the problem occurring.  The same ldapsearch command failed
> when the problem occurred.  After I stopped/restarted the openldap
> the ldapsearch worked again.  Stopping the service took a long time - 1 or
> 2 minutes.  It normally takes seconds.  Also, if we leave it alone (i.e.
> don't stop/restart the service) connections to LDAP are successful again
> after a short period of time.
> I tried running a load test with several clients sending endless
> commands, but LDAP responded to each client without a hiccup.  We are
> thinking that it is a combination of requests within our code that is
> causing the problem, but can't track it down yet.  We do not perform any
> modifies within the code.  The code that is running when the connections
> are lost only performs searches.  The only updates we do are in a
> completely separate application that is not running at the time of our
> problems.
> Are there any known connection stability issues with the version of
> openldap we are using or the platform on which we are running?  Does
> have any insight into the problems we are encountering?
> Thanks for any help you may have.
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