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Re: WinNT client code to connect to Unix-LDAP

--On Samstag, 27. Oktober 2001 16:07 +0530 Puneet <waliaspuneet@hotmail.com> wrote:

      I am using openldap version 2.0.11 and i have written a client code
using the available ldap API's,      How can I use the same client code
on windows NT to talk to my ldap serve which is on my linux machine?,

There are quite a number of LDAP C APIs (I guess you're programming in C) for Windows. They mostly follow the ldap-c-api draft so porting should be straigt forward if you haven't done anything too fancy. C SDKs are e.g. available from iPlanet, Novell and Microsoft (WINLDAP.H, see Platform SDK).

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