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Re: [ldap] LDAP C API status

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 07:00 PM 2001-10-24, Wei Wang wrote:

Is the ldap_get_option() actually in the LDAP C API?

You need to qualify "LDAP C API' as there is not one single API, but many vendor defined LDAP C APIs. While most have their roots in RFC 1823 and subsequent work done by the IETF, they do have their differences.

ldap_get_option() is not part of RFC 1823 nor APIs closely
derived from it (e.g. OpenLDAP 1.x) but is generally available
in modern APIs (e.g. OpenLDAP 2.x, iPlanet/Mozilla, etc.).

Due to the differences in specific LDAP C APIs, it may be
appropriate to direct your API enquiries aimed at support
the particular LDAP C API you are using.  For OpenLDAP APIs,
I suggest using the OpenLDAP-software mailing list.  See
http://www.openldap.org/lists/ for details.

Thanks, Kurt. I have gone through the list charters at OpenLDAP.org. That's what pointed me to the LDAP@umich.edu list. I am now sending this to the OpenLDAP-Software list, since you are right, OpenLDAP is what I was talking about.

Anyways, I was interested to have found out from Mark Smith's response to a question that the LDAP_OPT_DESC option for ldap_get_option(). But then the code in OpenLDAP says that LDAP_OPT_DESC is deprecated. So should that be used? If not, is there a way to find out what socket(s) an LDAP operation has opened?

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