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Re: ActiveDirectory and OpenLDAP

At 10:52 AM 2001-10-29, Teunis Peters wrote:
>> > Does anyone have any information on how to hook a linux system into an
>> > ActiveDirectory environment?
>> Sounds like you're on the wrong list;

Appears so.  That is, the above question doesn't appear to
be specific to OpenLDAP.  This may not be obvious to you,
maybe this answer to your question will clarify:
        OpenLDAP provides no specific support to "hook a
        linux system into an ActiveDirectory environment."

I would suggest you ask such general questions in a forum
specific to Linux systems or Active Directory.

I note that you might look into pam_ldap.  Question regarding
pam_ldap can be addressed to pamldap@padl.com.  Or, if you
are trying to mimic AD using open source software (including
OpenLDAP) you like should look into SambaTNG and related

>I'm under the impression this is a list devoted to OpenLDAP
>issues in a working environment?

Correct, hence the suggestion in regards to that particular