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Re: attributes for address book

Here's a sample entry for you (I dont think I've forgotten anything, but
its early):

dn: uid=ian,ou=People,dc=NMSU,dc=Edu
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
uid: ian
mail: ian@nmsu.edu
cn: Ian Logan
sn: Logan
givenname: Ian
telephonenumber: +1 505 646 6034

We index the following attributes:
uid, cn, sn, givenname

Netscape wont be searching by uid, but we have other stuff that does. 
Netscape looks at cn and sn if I remember right, and Outlook looks at
givenname and sn (its been a while I could be wrong.)

Anyway, hopefully that will get you started.

Susanth_TS@satyam-infoway.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone list  the attributes,objectclass and shema files used by netscape
> client for addressbook. Moreover on what attributes should the index  be on (
> type of index also) ??
> It would be very helpfull if someone can give me a sample ldif entry for this ??
> Thanks in advance
> Susanth

Ian Logan
Computing & Networking
New Mexico State University
Email: ian@nmsu.edu Phone: 505-646-6034 Fax: 505-646-4560