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Re: The OpenLDAP mascot

As a vegetarian I much rather the bug than the shark.

I ditched the Roxen Web server because it was based on a language called PIKE and had a correspondingly carnivorous mascot.

Furthermore, I have never found a shark in openldap!

Dale, Warren wrote:


In one of the current Australian P.C. magazines there is an article about
LDAP. OpenLDAP gets a very favourable mention. What caught my eye was this
comment in a section about LDAP advantages:

"Accompanied by a cool mascot. Ed Dapper the shark is just as cool as Tux
the Penguin, Chuck the Daemon and Blowie the Blowfish, and significantly
cooler then ... err, Windie the Window."

I went to the OpenLDAP home page and saw a friendly green bug.

---- David Olivier

 Les canards et les pigeons,
 les porcs et les agneaux
 mettent leurs gouttes de sang
 sous les multiplications;
 et les terribles hurlements des vaches étripées
 emplissent de douleur la vallée
 où l'Hudson s'enivre d'huile.

Federico Garcia Lorca
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