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RE: SSL Connection problems


As you'll see lower in my e-mail, I allready looked into that, and I tried
both hostname and hostname+domain ... Both without success ...


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Sent: Friday, October 26, 2001 2:12 PM
To: Doyon, Jean-Francois
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Subject: Re: SSL Connection problems

Try checking the hostname in the SSL cert on the server.  It needs to
match the canonical name of the machine or ldapsearch will refuse to
talk to it.


On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 02:01:14PM -0400, Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote:
> This machine will NOT establish a TLS/SSL connection! It works fine over
> non-SSL however ... using the exact same ldapsearch string on the 2 boxes,
> works on one, doesn't on the other.
> on the first machine (the server) it works, on the RH7.1 box I get:
> ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server