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System user names in OpenLDAP with all digits: problem?

Dear folks,

we still have the OpenLDAP server going to stratospheric CPU usage at
the start of each laboratory, but with nscd running, it seems almost
tolerable.  My desperation has lapsed into an exhausted resignation that
no one on this list uses LDAP to authenticate college computers, and we
are blazing a trail into uncharted territory, completely alone, and
getting lost.

However, I want to ask if anyone knows why shadow-utils rejects user
names that start with a digit.  Could this be causing the 99.9%
CPU usage from slapd?  I created all student accounts on OpenLDAP with
all-digit usernames, then later found that useradd rejects such names.

I don't want to change all usernames without good reason, as there are a
lot of people to contact and inform.

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