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Re: re-indexing ldapdb database and missing sub-branch

At 12:06 PM 2001-10-23, Jan-Michael Ong wrote:
>Recently I've been posting updates to a development LDAP server and just copying the databases (all the *.dbb files--copying by rcp) to the production and then running slapindex -f /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf once the *.dbb files are in production
>For some reason, when I try to search my production LDAP servers from a browser certain sections of the LDAP tree, I get a "not found" error. I have no access rules for this branch so there should be no reason why it should not display the results. If I try to search via command line (ldapsearch), I get
># filter: uid=test
># requesting: ALL
># search result
>search: 2
>result: 0 Success
># numResponses: 1
>This seems to be misleading. Is the entry in LDAP or not?

Well, successful return indicates that the baseObject does exist.
However, there are apparently no entries within scope of the
search matching the filter and allowed to be returned by access

>How often do I need to re-index the LDAP db?

Generally, you don't.  slapindex is primarily needed with you
add indices.  It also useful if your indices were to somehow
to become corrupted.  If you see this, you should upgrade to the
latest release (which we believe resolves these problems) and
then run slapindex.