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LDIF export problem

Here is something interesting:
Doing a local export on a solaris machine, using openldap 2.0.7 and the slapcat utility I got (many like) this:
dn: ou=Dir.Coord.Empresas - Norte-BTA,o=BS Portugal,c=PT,r=Grupo Santander
dataCriacao: 20010926
dataModificacao: 20010926
estado: A
idPai: 8
idUtilizadorCriacao: 0
idUtilizadorModificacao: 0
marcaOrgUnit: BTA
nivel: 3
nome: Dir.Coord.Empresas - Norte
objectClass: organizationalUnit
mnemonicaOrgUnit: DCEN
codUtilizadorResOrgUnit: 41
nivelHierResOrgUnit: 1
nomeResponsavel:: QW50w7NuaW8gU2lsdmEgQ2FybmVpcm8gKGRyKQ==
id: 41
dnValue: ou=Dir.Coord.Empresas - Norte-BTA,o=BS Portugal,c=PT,r=Grupo Santande
creatorsName: r=Grupo Santander
createTimestamp: 20010926110748Z
modifiersName: r=Grupo Santander
modifyTimestamp: 20010926110748Z
The problem is that "nomeResponsavel" should be:
nomeResponsavel: António Silva Carneiro (dr)
slapcat does not like the international chars and I get this:  nomeResponsavel:: QW50w7NuaW8gU2lsdmEgQ2FybmVpcm8gKGRyKQ==
This is a problem since I have a large database that I need to ldif and many of the entries have international chars.
Any way around this?