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Re: OpenLDAP on cygwin....again

Sorry for the late reply.

Natarajan, Bartee wrote:

i saw the same problem building 2.0.15 in visual C++..
i fixed this by including stdio.h in slap.h
this should take care of the build.

Yes, it works.

After this the next problem was that make was trying to find "in.xfingerd.exe", where only "in.xfingerd" was generated.
Solution was to rename ./OpenLDAP-2.0.15/clients/finger/in.xfingerd to in.xfingerd.exe .

Now, because I use --disable-ldbm to configure my make file....the end result is that I have to hand write the steps for OpenLDAP to find the database manager to use.

Which database packages out there that is suitable? Anyone knows?