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updateref on openlap 2.0.11

Hello all,

I would like to know if there are any examples that you might have where your slapd.conf is configured with the updateref directive?

In slapd.conf, I have the slave as

updatedn  "cn=DirectoryManager, o=MyDomain"
updateref  ldapslave.mydomain.com

In the master's slapd.conf I have

replica host=ldapslave.mydomain.com:389
        binddn="cn=DirectoryManager, o=MyDomain"
        bindmethod=simple credentials="secret"
replogfile /replication/replication.log

But whenever I send an update (add or delete operation ) to the slave it only works on the slave. Does slurpd need to run on both? Could you please suggest any tips on how to get this working or what I could check for?

Thanks in advance