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RE: subquery performance problem

At 09:51 AM 2001-10-18, OpenLDAP Mailing List wrote:
>hitting from cache is fast, but generating the cache goes at about 50
>users / second. If I build the cache as "root" if would be much faster,
>since I think ACL interpretation is expensive. I'll probably do a dn->
>cn hashed DB and access that from my app instead of using LDAP queries
>if I can't find anything better.
>It seems like there is a lot of wasted overhead in network
>communications and transactoin management for n+1 queries for n users.
>If I could do a batch operation with a callback I'm sure it would fly.
>Is this possible? I don't think so...

A client can perform multiple operations concurrently.
See ldap_search(3).