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RE: pre-evaluating write ACL

I mean an attribute that is writable to someone but not others,
depending on access control lists.I don't think querying cn=subschema
interprets ACL's does it?

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	query the schema in the server
	all attributes definitions that are read only will have a
"NO-USER-MODIFICATION" as shown below.
	attributetype (
	                NAME 'Sample'
	              DESC 'Sample'
	                EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
	                SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
	              USAGE userApplications
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	Subject: pre-evaluating write ACL
	Is there any way to test whether an attribute COULD be modified
(by the
	bound user) without actually changing any information?
	On a UI, I'd like read-only attributes to be text and writeable
	attributes to be input widgets.