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Problems with openLDAP on SuSE 7.0 on IBM S/390 Hardware


this is my first posting here, so please excuse if my discription of the 
problem is a little confused.

We are working with a SuSE 7.0 Linux Distribution on a IBM S/390 Mainframe 
Computer and so far everything worked stable on the maschine. 

We then installed openldap and downloaded the MigrationTools-39 from:


Our attempts to use the migrate_all_offline.pl script for an automated 
migration failed. It failed because the speed at which the script was 
performing was very very poor. (is this maybe an indication for the source of 
the problem ??)

We then aborted the script and used the generated LDIF files from the /tmp 
directory and performed:

ldapadd -D "cn=root,dc=ourCompany,dc=com" -w password -f /tmp/nis.1600.ldif

After a while this gave us a working LDAP Directory, we think. The problem 
now is that when we query the directory something like this:

ldapsearch -b "dc=ourCompany, dc=com" "objectclass=*" 

The script the hangs up at some point. When we run:

strace ldapsearch -b "dc=ourCompany, dc=com" "objectclass=*" 

then the last line where it hangs up always looks like that:

select(1024, [3], [ ], NULL, NULL

Has anybody here on the list any idea what might cause this. We would be very 
happy for any hint. Is this problem documented somewhere??

Thank you all very much for your help


Robert Spittler
[ linux on S/390 & zSeries ]

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