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Re: ISO-8859-2 <-> UTF8 ?

At 12:35 AM 2001-10-17, =?iso-8859-2?Q?G=B3=F3d_Wies=B3aw?= wrote:

>Currently, I work with OpenLDAP 1.2.7 and
>clients web/php aplication. My PHP code
>using CHARSET ISO-8859-2 (Polish), write
>and read LDAP database (cn,sn and other 
>private defines attributes), no problem.
>I plan exchange my OpenLDAP 1.2.7 serwer
>to 2.0.x. 

OpenLDAP 1 had very weak syntax checks
where OpenLDAP 2 has strong syntax checks,
so expect syntax errors if you do not
provide properly encoded values.

> Can I simple realize this, with no problem
>and not change web/php aplication, coding
>encoding ISO-8859-2, any experience ?

For LDAPv3, you need to transliterate to/from
UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646-1.