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Re: off topic : metadirectory

> I'm writing some perl scripts to synchronize LDAP and an SQL database, but
> they're very specific to our setup.  What are these agents you're talking
> about?  Thanks,
> John

It's a set of proprietary tools that's used at SysNet to keep SQL and LDAP
in sync.  The most sophisticated allows fine grain entry creation/update/del.
and works from SQL to LDAP. There's a new project that's mainly intended to
keep entries in sync regardless of their origin. It works from SQL/LDAP
to SQL/LDAP, using regex/plugin data reduction/postprocessing.
We're currently using it, together with back-meta and a bunch of scripts
to handle the merging of VERY large companies while it migrates to a
unique directory solution. At present we're harmonizing a number of 
AD/Notes/OpenLDAP servers using a UDB as the central server for structured
queries, asynchronously publishing its data on a pool of directory servers.
It is very unlikely these tools will be made public, however. It's a
decision I cannot affect at all.