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RE: off topic : metadirectory


Thanks for your reply. Company I work for are a CA directory resellers,
based on this there is detailed knowledge on the implementation of the
e-Trust Directory. If, I assume, you are referring to DXLINK as the meta
component then this is not a meta directory. The e-Trust directory is simply
using LDAP calls to environments that provide LDAP capability. Meta itself
spans to business enterprise applications and provides a basic to medium
centralised view of services available to the user community. These service
are referenced from the directory to the source of that service (RDBMS, NT
so on).



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I would also expect that you should look at Computer Associates line of
eTrust products.

Once you have a directory, as previous stated, you might want to add on the
ability to support SSO or PKI, etc.  CA's products do this.  There is eTrust
Directory, a X.500 Server with full LDAP and meta directory support, eTrust
PKI (a full CA), eTrust SSO, eTrust Access Control (security for
NT/Linux/UNIX machines), eTrust Web Access Control, etc.

Plug in the piece that you want/need and all of them build on eTrust


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I would certainely expect for enterprise environments using a directory to
look at servers that provide "dynamic" joins (as well as synchronous ) to
applications such as Oracle, NT, PeopleSoft and so on. This provides a basis
for a single point of access and control for enterprise users, providing the
ability to support SSO and PKI amongst other things. Making it dynamic
provides to some degree real-time capability. This is something many
directory vendors are doing, so synchronous is a good starting point but
OpenLdap when moving into the meta arena should aim to catch up with levels
of joins to apps and how it does this.



Dhiren Pankhania wrote:
> you will obtain info from the Burton Group, Syntegra (Control Data),
> Critical Path (Isocor), iPlanet (Sun) and a number of other organisations.
> They will provide platform support and what environments they will apply
> meta calls.
> Metadirectories is not a defined standard so all tools provided are
> proprietary in nature but will use backend directory services for
> As for openldap, I do not know of any organisation that has provided meta
> capability there, but there is no reason for not developing one.

Many features go under the definition of meta-directory. In OpenLDAP 
there's an attempt to implement a multi-target LDAP proxy that glues 
together different directories under a common naming context, possibly
thru regex/map-based dn rewriting. It is called back-meta, and is 
currently in the HEAD of the CVS. Eventually it might evolve in
more sophisticated, by adding a synchronous join capability.

To summarize: 

current back-meta: shows independent entries on separate servers as
belonging to the same naming context; there's no control for duplicate

(future?) synchronous join: different portions of a single entry may 
reside on different servers, and the meta-directory shows it as a unique 


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