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Net::LDAP and 2.0.15

Hello folks,

I have three LDAP servers (one master and two slaves). Due to the
billionth second bug (fixed in 2.0.14), I upgraded my master to 2.0.15
last week.

Only today, I noticed that some of my perl scripts, which connect to the
master, were failing. I ran the scripts against my two slave servers,
and they succeeded. The only difference is in the version of slapd being
run and the replica configuration stanzas.

One of my utilities is named ldap_dumpuser. It performs a search with a
filter of (&(objectclass=posixAccount)(uid=<uid>)). I performed the same
the search using the 2.0.15 version of ldapsearch. Here are the results:

ldap_dumpuser on master (2.0.15) fails
ldap_dumpuser on slave  (2.0.11) succeeds
ldapsearch    on master (2.0.15) succeeds
ldapsearch    on slave  (2.0.11) succeeds

ldap_dumpuser is failing on:

        base     => $base,
        filter   => "(&(objectclass=$objectclass)($attr_name=$attr_value))",
        callback => sub {
            my ($_mesg, $_entry) = @_; return if !$_entry;
            $entry = $_entry; $count++; $_mesg->pop_entry; });

    return $count == 1 ? $entry : undef;

ldap_dumpuser is unable to successfully complete the search with 2.0.15.

I checked the CHANGES in 2.0.17 and didn't notice anything that might
address this problem.

I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced something similar. I'll be
trying 2.0.17 tomorrow, just in case.

I'm using Net::LDAP by Graham Barr version 0.23. He has a 0.2401 out,
which I will also try.

If more debugging information would be of use, please let me know what
loglevel would be appropriate to use.

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading,


Luca Filipozzi
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