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Are there plans for alias deref?


While accumulating some experience for a DIT Layout I noticed, that
aliases are only dereferences on "find" - not on "search". At least that's
how Kurt explains it in a Mail I found in the Archives. 

I found the workaround to use referrals, too. Since the LDAP Server's
hostname is encoded within the "ref:" Attribute this is *ehm* not so fine
for a redundant/distributed setup, isn't it? Well, and somehow ldapsearch
suxx for referrals, becaus it eiher shows the dn or the ref - but not both
(at least I didn't find out how).

The final question is: Is there any work planned on completing alias
support in slapd? Is there even an estimated time of implementation?
Searching the openldap.org site, I couldn't find a hint.


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