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A few more loose ends to wrap up in the days before deployment:

It turns out that I definately have to disable reverse DNS lookups because
of firewall issues.
I can reconfigure and recompile as described below. But before I do so, does
anybody have any warnings about what I _can't_ do when this option is
disabled? I believe that some protocols require DNS lookups, but they're not
really relevant here. So, what was the benefit of the reverse DNS lookup in
the first place? I'm not even sure that the default is to do such lookups
because ./configure --help shows that the default is [no].

Also, I'm trying to work out a "promotion" scheme, so that if my master
server fails, another one can take its place. Does anybody have suggestions?
Can the replica host and updateref as specified in slapd.conf be hidden
behind a load balancer? This way, if I only specify an IP in slapd.conf,
then the load balancer can hide the fact that any old computer is acting as
master or slave.


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> Try compiling with  --disable-rlookups.
> By default, slapd does a reverse DNS lookup on connecting 
> client's addresses.
> That won't work without a DNS server.
> Markus