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Re: Problems with openldap database

At 06:07 AM 2001-10-08, Rafael Torres wrote:
>I have created a database in openldap using the following contents in a ldif file. 

Doesn't look like LDIF to me.  man ldif(5) or see RFC 2849.

>If I try to modify the password of any user, using the corresponding user entry, I get an insuficiente modify access message.

Check your ACL in slapd.conf(5).

> I am also using openldao and pam_ldap in the lgon script. I can login with root but not with the user teste.
>It gets an insuficient credentials message.

PAM LDAP issues should be taken to the pamldap@padl.com list.
Of course, you should resolve your LDAP command line tool issues