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Re: is partial replication possible?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> > I would like to replicate only part of my master openldap db to a
> > couple of slaves. (i need a different part of the dabase on each
> > machine).

> Sure: starting from 2.0.13 (I think) you can give each replica
> as many "suffix" directives you need. Then that replica will be
> fed only the entries that are in that subtree. An example:
> replica host=slave1.your.domain:yourport
>         binddn="cn=root,dc=your,dc=domain"
>         bindmethod=simple
>         credentials=yourpasswd
>         suffix="ou=People,dc=your,dc=domain"
>         suffix="ou=Retired People,dc=your,dc=domain"
> replica host=slave2.your.domain:yourport
>         binddn="cn=root,dc=your,dc=domain"
>         bindmethod=simple
>         credentials=yourpasswd
>         suffix="ou=Apps,dc=your,dc=domain"
>         suffix="ou=Depts,dc=your,dc=domain"

Thanks, this is very useful. I read on the list that slurpd is picky
about multiple replog entries in the logfile, so that you had to
create identical config files for each slurpd, with only one replog
statement. Do you know if that is still true? It would save me some
time finding it out.. :)

And perhaps, do you know if it is possible to replicate only a
subset of the data within a given subtree? It could be done by
writing the correct ACLs on the slave servers, so that part of the
data doesn't get written, but then you'd be getting errors. It
works, but it's ugly. Is there a nicer way to do it?



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