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Searching behaviour with Unicode


I wonder if anyone could advise how OpenLDAP handles search
matching against entries containing accented characters.  I
know these are stored as UTF-8, which is then MIME encoded
for output as Base64.  But how can we match an accented
character against a non-accented character?

For example, the directory contains the name:

Suárez Quintáns

but searching for Suarez Quintans does not find it.  Is there
a configuration option that will allow this to be found?

I also tried using the accented form on the search (using
command-line ldapsearch) but it failed to find it, I assume
because the character needs to be UTF-8 and Base64 encoded.

I assume that OpenLDAP 2.0 uses the UCData API 
(http://crl.nmsu.edu/~mleisher/ucdata-doc.html) with canonical
decomposition for comparison?

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