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Help on "Resource temporarily unavailable" (Urgent -Thanks)

Dear All,

     I have 2 Openldap 2.0.7 running on Red Hat 7.0. They are in
master-slave relationship. They are in two good condition since production
on April - i.e. correct in data replication and referral from slave to

     But recently, I find that the time stamps of the database files on the
slave sever is at Sep 7. It seems that the slave Openldap could not update
the database files, but only can be queried. Then I try to see the log
using loglevel -1, the messages below appear. On the other hand, in the
master server, the /var/lib/ldap/replica/slurpd.replog is full of
modification entries. It seems that the master can send the replication
entries to the slave, but the slave cannot update to the slave database. In
the slave log file, I can only find "resource temporarily unavailable"

     Do you know what's happens to my slave Openldap server? I have checked
the permission of the slave database. They are identical to the master. So,
probably it's not related to file permission. Moreover, as my master
slurpd.replog is full of entries, does it means that the slave could not
update it's database. Is it normally the slurpd.replog should be empty
after replication?

     Thanks for your attention and help!


slapd[9615]: send_ldap_result: conn=28 op=0 p=3 < Oct 11 17:10:06 ccgpapp2
slapd[9615]: send_ldap_result: 49::
<slapd[9615]: send_ldap_response: msgid=1 tag=97 err=49 < Oct 11 17:10:06
slapd[9615]: conn=28 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=49 text=
slapd[9615]: ber_get_next on fd 18 failed errno=11 (Resource temporarily


slapd[9615]: do_bind: version=3 dn="cn=itgr.td, dc=ccgo, dc=hksarg"
slapd[9615]: conn=29 op=0 BIND dn="CN=ITGR.TD,DC=CCGO,DC=HKSARG" method=128
< Oct 11 17:10:14 ccgpapp2 slapd[9615]: ==> ldbm_back_bind: dn: cn=itgr.td,
dc=ccgo, dc=hksarg
slapd[9615]: dn2entry_r: dn: "CN=ITGR.TD,DC=CCGO,DC=HKSARG"
slapd[9615]: => dn2id( "CN=ITGR.TD,DC=CCGO,DC=HKSARG" )
slapd[9615]: => ldbm_cache_open( "/usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm/dn2id.gdbm",
34, 600 )
slapd[9615]: <= ldbm_cache_open (cache 0) < Oct 11 17:10:14 ccgpapp2
slapd[9615]: <= dn2id NOID


slapd[9615]: send_ldap_result: 49::
slapd[9615]: send_ldap_response: msgid=1 tag=97 err=49
slapd[9615]: conn=29 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=49 text=
slapd[9615]: ber_get_next on fd 19 failed errno=11 (Resource temporarily
slapd[9615]: daemon: select: listen=6 active_threads=0 tvp=NULL