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Re: size limitation

As noted previously on this list, OpenLDAP does not have
arbitrary restrictions upon the number of entries, size
of entries, number of attributes per entry, number of
values per attributes, size of values, etc..

OpenLDAP does have a configurable restriction on the
maximum LDAP message it is willing to accept. 
See slapd.conf(5), in particular, sockbof_max_incoming
and sockbuf_max_incoming_auth directives.


At 09:45 PM 2001-10-08, Gayathri.A wrote:

>    I'm sending my query again since i dint get a reply...............
>    This is again an important query i'm facing at the customer's end. So i would be thankful if somebody can reply sooooooon.
>I upload CRLs using certificaterevocationlist;binary successfully. Now, is there any limitation on the size of the crl or size of the certificate ( for that matter any entry.....)?
>What if i have million of entries in my CRL? Please tell me the size limit of each entry
> and what will happen, if i exceed that size????
>Thank You in advance.