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Re: Specifying ldap url

At 11:16 PM 2001-10-08, Puneet wrote:
>  I am trying to specify a url to search my ldap directory but it is unable to contact the server
><http://ldap//:,ou=Admin,l=Mohan%20Cooperative,c=in,o=Escosoft>the dn entry that i am trying to specify is :-  ldap//:linux-machine address/cn=Sanjay%20Sharma,ou=Admin,

That's an invalid URL because of the misplaced semicolon and
trailing comma.

>i am running my ldap server on linux redhat 6.2 and openldap version 2.0.11 
>I am using the default port ie 389
>my ldap.conf file contain the following info
>BASE o=basename
>HOST ldap.basename
>PORT 389           

Since you appear to specifying a hostport and a DN, the
HOST, PORT, and BASE ldap.conf(5) don't matter.

>do i need to make any changes to this or do i need to add anything in slapd.conf

Well, it's unclear to me exactly how you have things configured.
Suggest you read the Admin Guide starting with the Quick Start