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Re: Missing OID for inetLocalMailRecipient

At 06:36 PM 2001-10-09, Carl Litt wrote:
>Is there any final word on the official OID for inetLocalMailRecipient?

To the best of my knowledge, no.

>The reason I bring this to the OpenLDAP list is that beginning in 2.0.14
>or .15 the inetLocalMailRecipient definition has been commented out
>because of the lack of an OID.  This causes unexpected difficulty when
>upgrading between versions, and leaves me in a bind:

 From misc.schema:
# Assorted definitions from several sources, including
# ''works in progress''.  Use with extreme care.  May
# be subject to change.

>- if OpenLDAP does begin using an OID, what would it be, and

Whatever OID is assigned by the owner of the specification.

>- if I make up my own, will the introduction of this new OID break my
>  directory (which is _heavily_ based on inetLocalMailRecipient)?.

Yes, it is the OID that uniquely identifies the schema element.