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Re: about RFC/draft 822, schema containing 'maildrop'

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Prune wrote:

> Tero Pelander wrote:
> >On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Prune wrote:
> >
> >>I'm looking for the last schema having the 'maildrop' attribut.
> >>
> >>I came across this but it does not seen to bo complete :
> >>http://www.stanford.edu/group/networking/directory/doc/NotesOnDITDesign-22-Oct-1998.txt
> >>
> >>What about the RFC ?
> >>is there something new about it ?
> >>

- Jeff Hodges wrote an informational RFC about how Stanford uses the
maildrop attribute. Maildrop[1] is probably not the attribute you want
to use these days. It was an experiment that worked ( and still works)
quite well, but it is not the "standard" by any means. It is really
rather limited in what you can do with it.

- You can try searching for it on google vusing


- Or email me and I'll send you a copy.

> >
> >I have seen more references to a newer draft about the mail routing in
> >ldap. Unfortunately that draft too has already expired. It has slightly
> >different attributes and the OID on objectclass has not been uniquely
> >defined. (..TBD=to be defined)
> >
> >http://www.globecom.net/ietf/draft/draft-lachman-laser-ldap-mail-routing-02.html
> >
> Thanks.... almost the same.
> Can someone send it's schema to me ?
> I still can't find a complete schema file.... :/

- I think you can find the schema for this in the sendmail src for
8.12.1 in the file sendmail-8.12.1/cf/sendmail.schema .

- Booker C. Bense

[1]- Officially it's SUmaildrop, maildrop is just an alias.