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RE: Searches are painfully slow

On 08 October 2001 13:59 Timo Boettcher <timo@gerichhausen.de> wrote:

> I hab (and still have) the same problem. Updating to openldap 2.0.15
> with BerkeleyDB 3.3.11 (not sure about the version number, it was the
> newest one) and adding some cache via slapd.conf gave an additionally
> 10%(!!) more performance each. Upgrading from P2-233 with 96MB-Ram to
> P3-866 with 256MB increased performance by some 300%. Still, it takes
> about 5 seconds to query 20 entries from a 300 entries/400kb(ldif)
> database (I'm talking of one single user having the ldap-server for
> himself). Since openldap is "optimized" for reading, it should be MUCH
> faster than that. Perhaps there is a problem in both of our slapd.conf
> or our general setup. Would be nice to know more of your system (OS,
> Backend, kernel, ... ). I'm running slapd on Debian with a 2.4.7
> Kernel.

Some info about my system:
RedHat 6.2, but with kernel 2.2.19. OpenLdap compiled from source
(version 2.0.11), Berkeley DB compiled from source (v 3.2.9). I have a
database with less than 10 entries and no other users on the system.