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Samba-TNG permissions look-up speed issues

I have noticed a few various problems with permissions look-up speed. 
Most are related to the fact that "uniqueMember" (in core.schema)
appears to be un-indexable.  I get this when I try to do an equality
index on it:

/etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 82: equality index of attribute
"uniqueMember" disallowed

I noticed a thread about this (can't remember the URL) where someone had
the same issue and basically just hacked up the core.schema until he was
able to index it.  I would like to do this correctly, since it will be
in a production environment.

The other problem I've noticed are the various "badfilter" messages,
especially the ones associated with sambaGroup. Like this:

Oct  8 12:01:50 db0 slapd[27705]: conn=166 op=1 SRCH base="<omitted>"
scope=1 filter="(&(badfilter)(objectClass=sambaGroup))" 

Both these issues would theoretically effect the speed in which
permissions queries would happen.  Any help would be very much

* Blake