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RE: AIX authentication on OpenLDAP

Title: RE: AIX authentication on OpenLDAP

i know well about this.. ibm will be releasing a auth module that will work with openldap, we have been testing it with them...  i can say it isnt very good yet and doesnt support ssl/tls yet...

ibm implemented ldap like ms, with there own classes and attributes so as to make you use their directory for everything...

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Subject: AIX authentication on OpenLDAP

Hi list,

I hope you all can help me, because I bother me since one week about this

I've got a very well running OpenLDAP 2.0.14 on Linux. With the use of pam_ldap
I can authenticate against the LDAP-Server. But now I'd like to integrate my AIX
4.3.3 too. But this is very heavy.
In my opinion there doesn't exist any pam mechanism for AIX. So I used the "IBM
SecureWay Directory Client" and with it the "mksecldap" script. So if I
configure my aix system with it and run a "lsuser ALL", I see in my message of
the OpenLDAP-Server at the filter field the message "badfilter". The good part
of it is, that the aix opens a connection to the ldap server and tries to get
informations. But no users are listed  :-(

On the other hand: Why searchs the aix in "ou=aixuser,cn=aixsecdb,..."? But it's
not the main problem. I've created this subtree. But it doesn't matter.

So, where is the problem? Does anybody know this problem and solved it or does
anybody can help me in any kind of way? Please or I will get crazy :-)

Thanks in advance,

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