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error with Netscape

hi, I had configirated my Ldap server with:

database    ldbm
suffix      "o=serv.info"
suffix      "dc=info"
rootdn 	    "cn=ldap,o=serv.info,dc=info"

I executed sldapadd an d it's ok,
I executed ldapsearch, and it is ok
I tested my Netscape browser with
and it's ok too,

but went i test Ldap with a e-mail client, i have errors,

i configurated

description: unsa
ldap server: serv.info
root serv: serv.info

and I have this error:

Failed to bind to 'unsa' due to Ldap error ' can't connect to the Ldap server'

but my daemon is active,

its the same if I configurate
ldap server: ldap.serv.info,
ldap server: ldap.info

please, i don't know how configurated this,


Albert Medina

pd, i have Rh7.1,openldap 2.07 and Netscape 4.7

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