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Linking two ldap servers ???

Hi all,
            We have here a set of attributes for a particular uid half of which
can be classified as functional and  the remaining can be classified as profile
attributes. Now the attributes which have been classified as functional need to
be replicated across all the slave servers whereas the same is not the case with
the profile attributes.

Now here my question is as follows:

1Is it possible to have ldap running in two servers one having the functional
attributes and  the other having the profile attributes and link these two based
on the uid?

for ex :  for a specific dn say " uid =john, ou=south, o=xyz " i need to find
all the profile information .. . Now if all the profile attributes for uid =John
are stored in a different server then how do i go about retrieving the same ?

Is there a way to do this or is this not possible?

Thanks in advance