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Re: Problem with Solaris8

>Hi, Y'all,
>   Anybody got slapd running on Solaris8. Here is my problem,
>when I ran multi-threaded slapd on multiple CPU Sun Sparc
>Solaris 5.8 machine, it core dumped in libc library. Of course,
>the core dump only occurs when I hit it with lots of processes
>generating lots of queries. The same program can run under same
>condiftion on single CPU machine without any problem, also
>no problem on Solaris 5.6 machines.
>   Just like to see if anybody run into the same problem here.
>And if any, what is the solution?

What options did you use to compile slapd?  I've done some testing on a dual 
Solaris x86 machine and haven't seen problems.  I've only recently compiled in 
sasl support and haven't done much real testing, but I can't recall ever having 
gotten a core dump from slapd.