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Re: assertion fails on modify

>>> Running v2.0.14, using Net::LDAP to modify a dn, I get the following
>>> everytime:
>>> schema_check.c:45: failed assertion `a->a_vals[0] != NULL'
> This implies a logic error in the code.  You should report a
> bug using the Issue Tracking System.  In your report, be sure
> to include relevant details.  In particular, a stack trace
> back, LDIF representing the entry prior to the operation, and
> LDIF representing the operation itself would be quite useful.

Ok, done.  I couldn't get any stack traces (and the service has been down
enough today to begin with :)) though.  It's id 1364, if anyone's interested
in having a look.


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech State College