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Re: Looking for LDAP tools


It appears from below, that that tool is written in Perl... then maybe it's
worth half an hour to look into it, and patch it a little to export one
field more - it should be rather simple, and many times faster than editing
it's output or searching for another tool... After all, Perl is *designed*
to make such things matter of minutes...

WBW, Dmitry

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From: "Jeff Donovan" <jdonovan@beth.k12.pa.us>
To: "Azeddine BOUKAIOU" <boukaze@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 6:45 PM
Subject: Re: Looking for LDAP tools

> So after the migration has run, and creates my ldif file. Do then
> have to edit every entry?
> it would be huge and take for ever.
> is there some way to have the migration tool do this for me?
> --jeff
> >
> >
> >you can use the migration tool "migrate_passwd.pl"
> >./migrate_passwd.pl /etc/passwd > passwd.ldif
> >you obtain the ldif file "passwd.ldif"
> >then add this two lines in all entries
> >example:
> >dn:uid=myperson
> >objectclass:InetOrgPerson
> >mail:myperson@your_server
> >
> >hope it will help
> >Azeddine
> >
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