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questions about the schema


First, I want to excuse myself for my poor English.

I want to make postfix and openldap work together. I have found some
documentation over Internet...
Everybody seems to use two attributs which are called maildrop and
mailAcceptingGeneralId. I  don't find them in the schema, but in the
archive of this list, I have found an answer which  explain that it's
necessary to  extend the schema to have this attributs. However it
seems that this is not easy to do in openldap 2.0 (Openldap 2.0 admin's
guide : "Under no  circumstances should you use a fictious OID!").
So now, my questions :
 - Is there somewhere I can find an extended schema for openldap 2.0
with the attributs  maildrop and mailacceptinggeneralid ?
 - I don't understand Why everybody use these attributs if they are not
in the schema ?
 - If I can not find a schema, do you think I can use mailRoutingAddress
and  mailLocalAddress without use them against their original purpose ?