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How to use SASL pwcheck for authentication ?


I'm currently writing a PHP frontend for easy administration of
IMAP, DNS, LDAP. It really has to be quite simple to use (some
kind of exchange-killer ;)) as it will be installed and used
in a small company.
I'm backing the whole stuff in a MySQL database. I've been able
to authenticate IMAP (Cyrus) users against it by using a perl
daemon that accesses the DB through DBI, using the SASL pwcheck

Now, the problem is that I'd like to also administrate OpenLDAP2
(2.0.7) - at least to make an address book - from the PHP
frontend, but I can't find a way to make OpenLDAP2 authenticate
against the SQL database.
It seems that it supports SASL authentication, but there's almost
no documentation about it. I've tried to set it up by adding
sasl-host in slapd.conf, but I haven't seen anything else.
And, of course, OpenLDAP2 doesn't use SASL to authenticate users :\

Any help ?

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