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RE: Win2k domain authing against Linux OpenLDAP

It is extremely difficult. I haven't heard any success stories, in fact. I
wouldn't say that it can't be done, just that it hasn't happened yet.

  -- Howard Chu
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> Subject: Win2k domain authing against Linux OpenLDAP
>   I've about got my OpenLDAP server working for Solaris and
> Linux.  Part of
> the company is using windows, most migrating to 2k soon.  Nothing I can do
> about this so it is out of my hands.
>   At any rate, we want those to authenticate against the OpenLDAP
> also.  The
> windows guy
> is saying he is finding alot of docs saying it can't be done.  He
> is pushing
> for an ADS server authentication to be master for everything and throw the
> LDAP out.
>   Is he wrong, mis-informed or just blowing smoke or what?  Any
> suggestions?