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RE: more info about core dump

At 09:25 AM 2001-08-31, oberwetter, josh wrote:
>- Is this problem related to frequent updates, like the description of ITS
>#1164? I do need to do frequent updates to the userPassword attribute, which
>is not indexed, but I'm not sure whether this affects other index files.

I believe the problem is not the frequency of update but
the concurrent updates.  2.0.12 contains a fix to a fairly
significant bug in how we were using Berkeley DB (doesn't
effect GDBM).

However, based on comments of others (which developers have not
been able to confirm), there may be an order of update or indexing
logic bug.  We're still investigating.  Any help is greatly

>- Is it specific to a certain OS? I only experienced the problem on Solaris
>7 & never on RedHat.

I don't think so.

>- When might 2.0.12 be promoted to stable?

It will be promoted to stable if and when it demonstrated to be
more stable than the current stable release.

>If I install & test 2.0.12, do I have to regenerate the entire database or
>just re-run slapindex?

Reindexing should be sufficient.  Of course, one should have a
full backup (including slapcat produced LDIF) before attempting
an upgrade.