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openLDAP & Apache::AuthzLDAP

I am new to LDAP and I think I am having problems
understanding what i need to put in place in my LDAP
server to allow for Apache authorization according to
a users groups.

I have Apache authenticating users. But then i need to
apply group memberships to these user accounts. Now do
I add them to the user account, or do i define a group
(LDIF) and then add the users who are members to that.

Also users can be in one or more groups.

Any help in how to set up the LDAP schema would be
greatly appreciated. I have read through the docs with
openLDAP and the Apache module but I think it is my
own shortsitedness that is stopping me proceeding.

Thanks in advance.


Mark Simpkins
maahee limited
gsm: +44(0)7855 365 481

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