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RE: ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

Just forget what I said about sample client and server talking together!
But anyway the problem remains the same: if I give 'C: ' as answer to
the server from STDIN the response is:

  lt-sample-server: Starting SASL negotiation: no mechanism available

(the same happens if "-m DIGEST-MD5" is given as parameter to the
sample-server - the server thaugh says "sending list of 1 mechanism"
in this case - and the simulated client to answer 'C: RElHRVNULU1ENQ=='
for DIGEST-MD5 as well).

So no mechanism even thaugh at least CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 should be
there when the standard installation is done (compile cyrus-sasl-1.5.24
right "out of the box" or adding --enable-login --enable-gssapi to the
standard *MD5 does not help).


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Subject: RE: ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

Well apparently Cyrus SASL installation went soomthly, but
I did not try the sample client/server in the samples dir.

So I did the basics: start the server:

su -c "./sample-server -s rcmd -i local=<myip>:8111,remote=<myip>:8111

Maybe there is allready a problem here, since it says:

  Generating client mechanism list...
  Sending list of 0 mechanism(s)                 <--- ?
  Waiting for client mechanism...

Anyway I start the client:

./sample-client -i local=<myip>:8111,remote=<myip>:8111 -s rcmd -n <myfqdn>

And answers:

  Waiting for mechanism list from server..

And nothing else.  Client and Server do not seem to "speak" at all together?
So what is going on?

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Subject: Re: ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

At 06:15 AM 2001-08-30, Stéphane Peiry wrote:
>How do I enable that?

The first step is to get the Cyrus SASL sample client/server