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slapd daemon automatically disappear on RedHat-6.2?

Dear All:
I have installed OpneLDAP-2.0.11 on RedHat-6.2 Linux platform.
Everything seems to be ok. However, When the clients make some
modifications into LDAP server, the slapd daemon will be killed
automatically. I tried it serveral times and got the same result.
Client's API is implemented by Netscape C SDK. Does anybody give
me some suggestions to solve this problem? or, Does anybody know
, in what's condition, the slapd daemon will be terminated without
using "kill" command?
Thanks a lot!
Shih-Chang Wang
Associate Research
Internet & Multimedia Application Tech. Lab
Telecommunication Laboratories
TEL: 886-3-4245340
FAX: 886-3-4244470