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Re: trying to get tls working

At 08:25 AM 2001-08-28, charlie derr wrote:
>Apologies for sending this message to the wrong list the first time.
>I'm a rank newbie at this ldap stuff, so take that into consideration as
>you read my comments.
>I grabbed code from CVS (cvs -z3 checkout -P ldap)

As a rank newbie, you should be using either OpenLDAP-release or
OpenLDAP-stable.  OpenLDAP-devel will likely cause you pain.

i am not able to connect with either gq or the java ldapbrowser (i'd be
>happy to try a different mechanism if someone wants to suggest another
>browser or a command line that i can use to check).

Please try ldapsearch(1) first.

>Has anyone else had success with this?