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MD5 Base 16 to Base 64 Conversion Utils?

We are currently using a software package that stores users passwords as
Base16 MD5 Hashes. Is there a way to convert Base16 to Bas64 MD5 hashes
transparently so that OpenLDAP can read the very same password base64

Note: decrypting of the password is not possible. What i mean is that all i
have to work with is the encrypted version of the password. 

The encrypted looks something like this: 

When spat out by my MD5 perl script (that was on OpenLDAP's site):

Unfortunately, this is with my setting the password and knowing what it is.
Being able to convert it to a base64 works fine. But What i need to do is
convert the md5 base16 passwords directly to md5 base64 without being able to
know what the original unencrypted password.

Best Regards,
E.M. Recio

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